Experienced Since 1986

Water in recent years has become a precious commodity that we cannot afford to waste.
We utilize irrigation conservation devices and water-saving rotary nozzles.



Please don't hesitate to call a professional.

Chuck has been serving the community and his family in the landscape maintenance field since 1986. Since 2002, he has become a licensed California contractor (# 810560) specializing in the repair and installation of sprinkler timers and valves. A small family run operation, Chuck takes pride in prompt, on-time service and he believes that no job is too small.

He has many years of "hands on experience" as well many hours attending landscape courses at Long Beach City College, Ewing Irrigation and the Long Beach Water Department. If you are experiencing irrigation or landscape problems that seem too overwhelming to handle yourself, don't hesitate to call. Chuck won't charge an arm and a leg like other big companies and lives just around the corner in Long Beach. Most people love their gardens and turf, yet recognize that we're running out of water and it's becoming harder than ever to make ends meet. If this is the way you feel, why not give him a call?


Mission Statement:
I'm not interested in pursuing an opulent lifestyle with fortune and fame. Fulfilling the needs of my family are what is important to me with an occasional fishing trip in between. My objective is to keep things simple & uncomplicated.

I believe in giving people value for what they pay me for. I have never viewed myself as flawless. We can all do better. Like most, I am a work in progress. I can only hope that after 25 years of doing this that I can have something more to offer the public than when I started.

I specialize in repairs and installations of sprinkler timer valves. I offer a 3-year warranty on timers and valves, but not sprinklers.
  St. License # 810560
  C-21 Landscape Contractors License
  Completed Landscaping Classes At Long Beach City College
  Long Beach Water Department Classes
  Ewing Irrigation Educational Classes



  • Sprinkler, Timer Repair & Installation
  • Lawn & Sprinkler Repair Contractor
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Broken Sprinkler Pipes
  • LED & Landscape Lighting
  • Licensed - Insured
  • Speaks English


Small Jobs Welcomed!

Let's check the timer with the meter.

We have an assortment to choose from.
My goal is to establish uniform coverage.
We'll need lots of couplings and storage
bins to put them in.
Wouldn't trade this job for anything.